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A gateway to shop online in traditional way where the vendor sell their products or services to millions of Shopserve customers.
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An easy and direct selling of products and services online.

We provide multiple services like online selling any type of products in categories like books, electronic items, computers, laptops, mobiles & accessories, kids-wear, latest fashion cloths, foot-wear, computer software & hardware networking services. The vendor can register and get the access to sell their products to millions of shopserve customers across the globe. The products could be of any type according to the rules and terms of shopserve.

Online Shopping:

The gateway to shop online in traditional way where the customers shop variety of products and sellers register their products to millions of Shopserve customers. We provide multiple services like computer software developement, assembled computers, laptops, peripherals, hardware - networking and many more ...

Software Services:

The wide diversity of IT solutions. When these solutions are managed by a broad range of disparate tools, the overall business value they generate falls. More time and more energy are required to manage them, leading inevitably to higher costs. IT staff must be trained to use each new tool. When technical problems occur, those problems can be harder to isolate; proactive warnings and alerts designed to minimize the business impact of those problems may not be generated. The deployment of disparate tools, in short, makes it extremely difficult to achieve a holistic view of service levels that spans the entire IT infrastructure. Organizations are not able to effectively align IT to the business; they cannot easily correlate the performance of the IT infrastructure to service level agreements and other business objectives.
We have such services which can reduce the routine work and time of the responsible entity to fully automated process with accurate reporting systems. We develope computer software/applications on demand for the industries like Share brokers, Depository Participants (DP) for CDSL, Travel agencies, Retails and Wholesale Traders, Dataware housing, Logistic, Stock holding, Inventory, Bulk SMS Service and many more...

Computer Hardware & Networking Services:

All kinds of Computer Hardware Repairs, Services, Supplies, Assembling. Solution for Computer Networking and Internet Sharing including Wifi. Suppliers , Assemblers, Maintenance of all type of Computers, Hardware and Networking Solutions.

Shopping Gallery

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Contact Info

Admin: Haseeb Qureshi

Phone: +91 88790 38338

Address: 10, Israil Street, Mumbai - 400 009, Maharashtra, India.



You can download all your computer or mobiles applications from the provided links. Some of the software are given below:

  • DoctorPlus: This software is developed for Doctors (G. P.). It is very easy to operate and very fast performance. It includes compounder module as well and more ...

  • TradEx: This software is developed to maintain products stock and includes complete trade like in-house entry, godown transfer, buy, sell and customer / party entries and more ..

  • Depository Backoffice Software: A complete Back-Office System for depository participants operations. It is built on client-server architecture, can connect to remote areas as well. Form level rights to the multi-user, tracking of entire application activities. Maker & Checker facility and all type of compliance incorporated.

  • and many other software ...



We open the gateway for vendors to sell their products or services to millions of shopserve customers in traditional way.

We give a chance to the local vendors in their country to do business online who have no platform or who can not afford to buy the webspace to go online and sell their products or services to millions of shopserve customers.

Vendor come on shopserve platform and register yearly on minimal charges and start your business online.